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Montessori Vision & Mission
Montessori Vs Traditional
The Method
The Montessori Philosphy
Montessori Concepts
The Montessori Premises
The Montessori Teacher
The Montessori Curriculum


The "Maryland Montessori Academy " has a twofold importance: the social importance which it assumes through its peculiarity of being a school within the house, and it's purely pedagogic importance gained through its methods for the education of very young children. We ensure the physical development of the children is followed, each child being studied from the anthropological standpoint. Linguistic exercises, a systematic sense-training, and exercises which directly fit the child for the duties of practical life, form the basis of the work done. The teaching is decidedly objective, and presents an unusual richness of didactic material.
We have put the school within the house; and this is not all. We have placed it within the house as the property of the collectivity, leaving under the eyes of the parents the whole life of the teacher in the accomplishment of her high mission.


After five years of such a novitiate, when the children move to the common schools, they will be excellently prepared to co-operate in the work of education, and will have acquired a sentiment, rarely found even among the best classes; namely, the idea that they must merit through their own conduct and with their own virtue, the possession of an educated child.
To develop the method of observation which is established upon one fundamental baseā€“the liberty of the pupils in their spontaneous manifestations. This pedagogical method of observation has for its base the liberty of the child; and liberty is activity.
To cultivate discipline through liberty. We call an individual disciplined when he is master of himself, and can, therefore, regulate his own conduct when it shall be necessary to follow some rule of life. Such a concept of active discipline is not easy to comprehend or to apply. But certainly it contains a great educational principle, very different from the old-time absolute and un-discussed coercion to immobility.

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